1. Customer searches online for services you provide

2. Customer finds your service and calls your tracking number

3. All calls are tracked and sent exclusively to you

4. You receive the call and only pay for qualified leads


See if your business qualifies for our lead generation services.  Our service is NOT for all business types. As much as we would like to help every business that contacts us, we have a reasonable set of criteria that needs to be met in order for us to proceed. We can only work with a limited number of clients at any one time to ensure maximum attention to detail for your company's success.



If your business exhibits these qualities, then you are a good candidate:

  1. Are you a service-based industry that receives calls from local customers? The types of business we work with are typically local contractors, home service industry, consulting firms such as accountants and lawyers, medical clinics looking for new patients, graphic designers, photographers, etc.  This service is not best suited for e-commerce sites, restaurants, or local retails shops.
  2. Do you want to grow your business or maintain it's current level?  If you are looking for growth, then we are a good fit. It's critical that you understand the importance of marketing your business to attract new customers.
  3. Do you follow-up with customers quickly? The quicker a customer is responded to, the more likely they convert into a paying customer. We want to send customers to a company that is responsive.
  4. How do you or your staff answer the phone? First of all, do they answer the phone? We discovered that 30% of businesses miss calls from consumers every day. Do you or your staff try to schedule an appointment with the caller, try to convert them into a sale, or do they have adequate knowledge of the service you provide? Are they friendly and helpful? What is the market size of your location? The number of leads we provide will be in direct correlation to the size and demand from consumers in your market.

Once we receive your submission for a free evaluation, we review your company and schedule a call to discuss your results.

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